Sandi has over 14 years of experience teaching yoga to all ages and levels.  Her understanding of anatomy, physiology and alignment blends with her natural ability to understand and meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each student.  Sandi offers the following types of privates to individuals as well as to small and larger groups. 

Therapeutic Yoga addresses chief complaints of each participant using specific asana/postures and sequencing to target and alleviate physical and emotional stress.

Hatha Yoga addresses the specific needs of the client through the use of asana and pranayama/breathing techniques.  Focus is made on proper alignment and one should reach a relaxed and balanced sense of well-being.

Vinyasa is a practice which emphasizes one's breath as their guide.  This practice links breath to movement and is a more fluid, active practice aimed at maintaining and increasing one's prana/energy flow.  

Restorative/Yin Yoga is a practice aimed at restoring one's natural energy and homeostasis through the use of fewer, gentler poses which will often times be held for longer periods of time.  


Private Yoga Lessons 

@ Gather Yoga Studio in downtown Ketchum:
1 – 1.25hr = $125 for up to 3 people

@ Your private residence: 
1 – 1.25hr = $125 for up to 5 people

Public Yoga Classes 

Ebb & Flow Vinyasa:  12:00 -1pm
@ Gather in Ketchum

Hot Vinyasa Flow:  7:30 – 8:30am
Zenergy in Ketchum

Wednesday                                                                                  Hot Vinyasa Flow:  12:00 - 1pm                                     @ Zenergy in Ketchum

Hot Vinyasa Flow:  12:00 – 1pm
@ Zenergy in Ketchum

Sunday                                                                                 Slow Flow:  5:30 - 6:30pm
Gather Yoga Studio in downtown Ketchum